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Nero’s Sorrow

Here is the last of the 3 part sorrow series. next week starting a new short story series next week may start a new series or take a break :


Sorrow of Nero

The door opened, and in a flash the bullets began to fly, and instincts took over as I took a step back and took cover in the doorway as the bullets littered the inside of the house. Everything it seemed had taken a bullet and shattered from vases to pictures; even the plants got shredded with lead. Everything of my former master’s house was being destroyed, and in my mind slowly I began to forget about everything that happened to me in the past year. Pero, Lilia whom I loved and my little precious Abby their images just started to fade ever so slowly as more and more bullets entered in the house. And then slowly I began to fade as I looked down and saw the blood oozing from my mid-section.

            “No, not yet!” One part of my mind screamed yet the other part of my mind just faded ever so slowly like a black hole absorbing all my memories within it.

            Then something clicked in my mind and again instincts took over as I finally left my cover and began firing on my assailants. I could feel the heat and recoil of each shot I took, yet my mind and my vision were in another place. All I could see was my precious Abby, along with her mother Lilia standing there waving goodbye.  I couldn’t wave as my hands were busy firing guns, but I so badly wanted to.

            As they continued to wave, I saw the flames, start at their feet and slowly they began to burn up.

            “No!” I thought as I watched them burn and scream in agony.

            “NOOOOO!” I  screamed and my mind  resorted back into reality and I looked at all the carnage I caused. I quickly counted at least 15 dead and looked at my body and realized I have been shot about 5 times, with only 2 piercing through my body armor. Good, I’m in one piece, I thought but then I saw, at the end of the walkway the big man Rie standing there, grinning.

            “You don’t disappoint, Nero, I’m impressed, no very impressed you killed all my men, not an easy task to do, mind you.”

            “Fuck you!” I screamed at him as I pulled my hand up and aimed my gun straight for his head. I squeezed the trigger and he moved and the bullet hit the wall behind him.

            “Too slow,” he said as he charged me. I pulled the trigger 6 times, all 6 times missed as he charged and punched me in the gut and I collapsed

            “Pathetic, I was expecting at least one hit from you! Is that all you have, Nero?” he said while kicking me more and more as I lay prone on the ground. The guns slipped out of my hand as the more kicks he landed, and the pain became more and more unbearable.

            “What a weakling you are, Nero; you couldn’t even protect them, couldn’t even save your precious little Abby, from me and her scumbag father, could you! You couldn’t even figure out that Lilia was poisoned because she loved you!”

            My mind was all in knots right now as a million thought flew though my head, on what the hell had happened over the few years I was guarding this families, trying to piece everything together but to no avail.

            “Pero found out his wife loved you! And conveniently, he had a debt to pay to me so he poisoned her and killed her, and in pity went to drinking like a little pussy he was.”

            My mind was all over the place as it began to digest this information, but my killer instincts began to kick in more and more as my hand moved toward my gun.

            “We observed how pathetic and worthless he was and blackmailed him to get more money out of him and then, he did the dumbest thing ever, and I knew from the start it was a dumb idea! He tried to kill you and his daughter Abby with my men!”

            My hand inched closer and closer to the gun, as the pain of him kicking me slowly began to fade.

            “I mean we did kill Abby, but what kind of rotten man would do that, kill his wife over jealousy and then kill his only daughter and the man who protected him and cared for him. He must have been one worthless piece of shit, and you didn’t realize that when you started working for him! How pathetic are you!”

            “Not as pathetic as you!” as my finger barely squeezed the trigger and the bullet this time went right though his leg.”

            “Fuck, Fuck!” He screamed as I gathered my strength and crawled on top of him.

            “What the hell are you doing, are you gay or something?” He screamed but then realized death had come to him as he felt the gun run up his body, till the barrel of the gun was shoved in his mouth.

            “Finally, I get to speak,” I said as I felt him squirm under me. “My boss Pero was a good man until you came in; you caused all this pain and suffering from my perspective, and for that I hope you burn in the deepest part of hell for it!”

I pretended for one second to pull the gun away and could see the relief in his eyes, but then the fear in them returned  when I said, “I will see you there!” and I pulled the trigger and his head splatted all over the rose garden.

            I rolled off his body and stared in the sky. The sky was all grey again, like the night Abby died and slowly I watched the rain trickle down, and again the memories began to fade. I tried my hardest to stop them from fading but in the end my mind forgot to do that and then I wondered what the point of living was when all the memories of the only time you were happy were fading away.

            “I guess I’ll see you in hell sooner than I thought,” I said to the dead body Rie as I brought the cold gun barrel right underneath my chin.

I began to say my last goodbye, as my memories began to fade, ilia the women I loved, yet could never have. Pero the man who was once good but his true rotten colors that fooled me showed in the end. Last but not least, my little precious Abby, the only child I ever had, who I loved and cared for who…

My mind couldn’t come up with anything, it was time.

My finger squeezed the trigger.





I sense it

I feel it

I see it

I experience it

I live it



Of my past

Of my present

Of my future


They see me

I see them


They lurk in dark

Watching waiting in the dark

To take their strikes at me


They don’t attack when I strong

But when I’m weak they swarm



Of my past

Of my present

Of my future


They come all at once

I throw them off but more come

All at once

But once the lights come

They slither back to the dark



Of my past

Of my present

Of my future


Waiting, lurking, lusting for my fall

So they can come to play

Yet I still stand tall

Till I can’t stand


And lose myself in the


Of my past

Of my present

And of my future




Next post will be a poem called shadows

Also in 2 days coming out with  short horror story, written in 1 day (starting tommrow) so wish me luck

Next week will also be the conclusion of the sorrow Series: Nero’s Sorrow

Pero’s Sorrow

As promised here is part 2 to the sorrow series Pero’s Sorrow

Pero’s Sorrow

The guy in the suits that entered my former boss’s house intrigued me. Why would anyone that has to have bodyguards want to enter into a man’s house that wanted by all those people? My position will probably be blown if this turns out to be a false lead, but to me it’s something exiting for once in the past 3 days.

I slowly left my perch and slid into a hidden hole in the wall. A hole that only Abby and I knew about, hidden to the naked eye and the perfect way to avoid his body guards. I doubt I could have gotten in as these body guards looked a lot better than the lot that came in earlier.

I went in though the basement window; it was still dark and eerie as ever. It used to be lively when Lilia, Pero’s wife was alive. She used to always be down there in all her beauty, sewing away or doing different things. I asked her once why she was always in the basement as it was odd that anyone would love to stay in the basement. She responded that with its damp, cool and wetness and to a girl that lived all her life in the sun. “To me the coolness of the basement represents peace, if your hot, then there is a heat, thing always happen whether love, hate or something in-between. I have had enough heat in my life and I am ready just for the coolness of life.”  9 weeks later she was dead yet those words still ring in my head as the heat of the fire of hate burns my soul.

I crept up the stairs, yet no body guards were in the house, which to me was strange yet common when important information is being said. I snuck up the stairs and stood outside the door of Pero’s room and began to listen.

            “So everything is good between us? The debt has been paid off after all”

            “No, everything is not good,” the man in the suit said, he was Caucasian with a little bit of a Hispanic accent; he may have picked it up from where he lived.

            “Why? I did everything you asked, I got the money you needed, through the insurance money, all the debt has been paid off”

            “There still is a loose end, Pero! That body guard you had, Nero.”

            “He is not a loose end, he is loyal to me”

            “Then why are you looking for another one!”

            “He just needed some time off.”

            “Bull Shit!” The man in the suit said flipping over the table in his own little rage, and now I could see just how bulky this man was in statue; in a way it was intimidating. I knew it would be one hell of a fist fight with him, hell, even a gun fight; I would have to finish him quickly in one shot.

            “Rei, Calm down, he won’t do anything”

            “It’s you or him, Pero! I don’t want any loose ends.”

            “But I c..” The man in the suit swung his fist at the wall in rage leaving a gaping hole

            “Call him, do whatever you can to get him to meet you and we will take care of the rest”

            Pero, still shaking, I see him reluctantly gets out his phone

            “That’s it, Pero; now dial the damn number!”

            He dials the number and at that moment I remembered my phone which I didn’t put on silent.

            Ring, ring, ring!


            I watched as the man in the suit turned around to face me at the door where the ringing was, and he laughed a bellowed laugh.

            “We have a guest apparently, and you didn’t even invite him for drinks Pero!”

            I could see him frozen in fear, as he realized I heard everything.

                        “Why don’t you invite him in?” Rei said.

                        My master still froze in shock and at that moment, I made my move as I busted though the door.

                        Barge in, aim, and fire the sequence I done so many times in so many assassination missions yet this time it didn’t work out as planned; as I fired and he moved with unnatural speed over to Pero and held him in front of me, as if signifying a trophy.

            “So you are the great Nero he kept telling me about over the years”

            “I am,” I said waiting for the 1st opening to shoot this man.

            “Well, looks like the bodyguard business wasn’t for you,” and at that moment Rei’s hand squeezed his neck and I heard the cracking of Pero’s neck bones.

            I fired, and fired again, hitting my former masters’ body as again Rie moved with supernatural speed out the window.

            I knelt by my former master, Pero, still somehow alive, but barely.

            “What did you do?” I screamed at him.

            And in the faintest voice I heard, “I’m sorry, I was a jealous man,” he rasped up some blood, and then he said his last words, “Do what you do best, Kill him for Abby, for Lilia, and for the man I use to be. Nero, I’m sor…,” his voice faded and I felt his relief but at the same time felt a dark aura around him.

            My mind was still processing what was going on, but I heard the steps of people coming up the stairs, and instincts kicked in. I walked toward the door gun at my side. The First guy head appeared at the top of stairs.


            His body hit the top and rolled down as I slowly walked out of Pero’s room.

            I spotted 2 more at the bottom of the stairs, and before they could turn up to see me I shot them both dead, head shots right between the eyes. My instincts and skill with the gun were back, and more deadly as ever as I walked toward the door, my 2nd gun now drawn, ready for whatever was waiting outside the door.

To be continued

Weekly piece: Poem Fade

Like i said i updating this blog weekly with this week being a poem. Next week will be part 2 of the sorrow series titled Pero’s sorrow
But here is Fade:


Slowly I fade from the shadows of light

Every so slowly the light escapes me

The beauty and majesty of the light so bright

As the shadows come in and now it’s the shadow and me


The shadow’s so dark its consumes all it touches

It starts out small, just a minor dark deed

Yet slowly but surely you realize it touched you

And slowly but surely he takes your soul deed


That’s how the shadow got me, I thought I was bright

But the candle light I shown was just an illusion

Everyone around me could see the fake light

But to me and my soul we knew the truth of our delusion


And now the time has come to pay

For all the dark deeds I’ve done

On this very dark day

There can only be one

Light or darkness



Abby’s Sorrow

I looked into the eyes of a little girl, a little girl who was very dear to me. I watched slowly as the light of life slowly faded from her eyes and she passed away I held on to her tightly holding her fragile bleeding body.

            “This can’t be” I said “How was this possible” my mind still couldn’t comprehend what just happened, my little innocent precious Abby, the girl I suppose to protect, is now my arms, the arms that are supposed to protect her, to take whatever kind of punishment that comes after her, yet they failed her.

            I finally composed myself and got up and carried her body, in the house and took her up to the main room, where her father was.

            “What happened, are they dead Nero?” her coward father Pero said finally peaking over his desk after hiding during the attack. Some Father was he, hiding while they attacked, abandoning me and his daughter, though he abandoned his daughter long ago and I became the only father to her.

            I couldn’t hold my emotion any longer when I saw him arise from behind his desk, still asking and screaming what happened and asking if they were dead, not even paying attention to the body of his daughter in my hands.

            I threw her body down on the desk

            “Look at what you’ve caused” I screamed my voice pulsing as I lunged at him and grabbed him by the throat pinning him against the wall, I wanted him to feel the pain and the sorrow that was inside me, I so bad wanted to kill him now, the world would be a better place without him my mind kept repeating over and over in my head.

            He grunted and screamed like the little pig he was, so worthless and no value to anyone anymore but to the people who wanted him dead, and I decided to leave him as I dropped him on the ground and walked away.

            “What are you doing, don’t leave me” he screamed.

            Maybe I should have killed him there, but in my mind a planned began to form, and the saying in my mind kept on repeating, “They’re going to pay, they’re going to pay, they’re going to pay”.


3 days passed and the only people, who entered my former master’s house, were people who replaced me, people who I knew didn’t have the skills I had to protect him. I could tell by each of them that they were only there for the money didn’t care about him at all. I however did care about him and his entirely family at the beginning. Everything was good and lovely he had no enemies, and everyone seemed to love him and his family.

Then his wife, his beautiful wife who I slowly fell in love with though never admitted it passed away under mysterious circumstances very slowly and painfully.  I believed she was poisoned but could never prove it. Pero took it hard and went into a drinking fit after her death, and started saying crazy things when he drinking. Each night he slowly lost more and more friends and people lost respect for him and just considered him another rich asshole of this country that didn’t care about anyone but his self.

            The person who suffered the most though was little Abby. She watched her mother slowly die in the hospital bed, never leaving her side for the 6 weeks she was there. When the funeral came she never cried but in her sweet little face the bright light of happiness young girls always have dimmed forever , all I could see is sorrow and pain that could never be removed from her. Maybe it could of came back if her father would of helped her instead of drinking. She always asked at night “where’s Papa” I always told her he had business when he was out drinking.


            She soon found out the truth when he stumbled in drunk again and tried to attack her, blabbling some stuff that she must die. I knocked him down that night and laid Abby to bed, lying to her saying daddy had some bad medicine that made him crazy. She knew enough to know I was lying but she accepted what I said. Once she was asleep I lost it and beat the living hell out of him for it to the point of death.  He didn’t remember the beating, nor was it right but it felt good, and he deserved it. That night is when my love for him left and the hate entered. The only reason I was there was for little Abby, to protect what little innocence she has left.


            Now she is dead and the hate mustered up inside me again. My former skills, skills I desired to never use are back and sharper as ever. I’m going to kill whoever did this to Abby and then I’m going to kill him.

As these thoughts rushed through my head, a man in a suit with body guards entered into the house.

To be continued

Back with Abby’s Sorrow

Been off for long while due to job and school but i’m back with a vengeance with this week the 1st part of a 3 part short story series i wrote in writing class called Abby’s sorrow (this Thursday). I will also be releasing more content since everything in life has slowed down so keep checking in for new stuff starting this Thurs.

Waiting on a couple people editing my book “Black Darkness” before releasing the 1st part (chapter 1-10) but right now currently working on part 2 and yeah its dark i mean trying portray the minds and motives of characters and human nature its tough and shows just how far we have fallen.

How far would you go to protect a person you inadvertently put in harm’s way?

How do you react when the whole world around you falls apart?

How do you face the horrors and sorrows for your past crimes?

Do you run, do you look for redemption, or do you damn your soul even more?

Part 1 will release soon (hurry up people editing) and set it up but Part 2 begins the madness.

If you haven’t already check out the prequel chapter hopefully soon Part 1 will be released and from then on weekly chapters 

May update

This update coming a little late been busy lately but here what should be coming in the next 15 days

Black Darkness: Chapters 1&2

GGCP: Comedy Rpgvx game about a black guy in a restaurant
a Surprise

Thanks to all who visit and view my stuff hopefully i will have more time in the summer and start pumping out more stuff

Black Darkness: Chapter 0

Black Darkness

Written by Daniel Gotautis

Special thanks to all the editors and people currently editing this project

Beep beep beep.

I hit my alarm clock in the morning; as I crawled myself out of bed.

“Today is the day where I ascend, don’t fuck it up!” I keep repeating to myself as I began my morning shower.

My life, l hate it and love it at the same time. A lot of people I have screwed over to make it to the top, and those people’s lives I have ruined will haunt me for the rest of my life, but it feels so good to be at the top, and I still want to ascend.

To the status of God.

“Morning my lovely babe,” I say to my 6th mistress Vicky as she prepares my breakfast, the breakfast of a king.

She turns around and I see her nice, perfect, curvy body gleaming from the sunlight hitting it.

“Damn” I thought.

“You want some loving honey?  Vicky knows you like that,” she said in a seductive tone.

“Can’t, babe, but I would so love to; we have to save it for when I get back from my meeting. “

She looked disappointed, but understood why as she served me my breakfast, and went back into her room.

“I wished I had more time; I really could use a fucking to calm me down,” I thought but speedily ate my breakfast and called in my chopper to come pick me.

“I have made it this far, now it is time to permanently establish myself at the top and ascend to being a God of this world,” I thought as I got into the helicopter.

This meeting is to decide the fate of a series of the top major companies in the United States of America; if I can get them to decide to sabotage this company and sell all the stock I have invested in them, I will be the richest man in the world. Then I invest in all the countries that are struggling and take over their armies.

“What about the country of America, you will screw them over finically with this deal?” one side of me thought;

Yet the other side thought, “Screw America; they did nothing but give you resistance on your climb to the top, and besides it’s you or China that brings their downfall, so you better make sure it is you.”

“Besides America will only suffer a few months till I take over.”

My helicopter landed.

“Good morning sir, are you ready for the meeting?”

“Yes, I am. My good friend Ivan, after this meeting we will be the richest people in the world.”

“If they accept our proposal, my friend.”

“Oh they will. Remember the dirt I have on all them; I believe this is the time to use it.”

“Ha-ha, you always have a plan don’t you man?”

“All I have to do is bring the flash drive meeting and set it on the table, and we will have full control of the meeting”

“Where is the flash drive?” Ivan asked with enthusiasm

“It’s up in penthouse on the top floor; I’m heading there to grab it now. I will meet you at the meeting, and afterward we hire the finest of fine bitches as they call them, and rent the most luxurious beach hotel we can find on the hidden floating island of Malibu.”

“You, my good friend, have the best ideas, see you in the meeting.”

I headed to the elevator thinking about Ivan. Even though he has been a colleague of mine for the longest time, this meeting will probably be his last; there can only be one God of this world and no one can know or interfere with me.

“Eye scan required.” My Personalized A.I. requested

I put my eye to scanner; machines are so much more straightforward than humans.

“Place you hand on the scanner.”

My penthouse has the most uptight security money could buy; this is where I plan and keep my most valuable information.

“Voice password required.”

“God is me.”

“Voice command received; welcome god.”

I love technology, having it be predictable, and doing whatever I command, even calling me by my future name

“Please give a sample of blood,” my safe security system said.

This only security feature I don’t like because I hate needles but it is required for this safe as it keeps the things most valuable to my rise to power, one of which being the flash drive I need today.


The safe pops out and begins to open

It’s Empty?

“What, what the hell?!” I yell,” Where is all the stuff I had in here?” I began to panic.

I looked around, no signs of forced entry or any signs of anyone being in here at all.

“Calm down and think, you are so close to achieving this goal, it can’t be that far.”

“Maybe when I was drunk I came up and moved it,” I say out loud to reassure myself everything is in order.

I headed to the computer in the other room to check the camera logs.


I hear a little faint bang, sounding like it came from a distance, but knowing it had come from in this room because no sounds escape my penthouse.

“Who’s there?” I said, looking around; then I look down.

The blood begins to ooze out of my midsection.

“This is just a dream; this is impossible! How would someone break in?” I yell out loud, “I want to wake up now!”

“This isn’t a dream buddy, this is real,” he said as he grabbed me.

Whoever this was, was dressed in all black including the black hair but has a red mask with black eye holes with a sword on his back.

“Great, an emo assassin,”  I thought, though  he must be good if he got past my security, guess I have to try reason with him, I have to achieve godhood at any cost, even it means negotiating with a low life like this.

“Why did you shoot me? What do you want; I can give you anything, I about to be the new god of this world,” I told him “Anything you want of this world you can have, think about it.”

“You becoming a god don’t make me laugh; I will never let you be a god, Michael Spring, especially after what you are responsible for.”

“He knows me,” I thought, someone I finally screwed over has comeback to get me but how? Doesn’t matter now have to think, I’m losing blood fast.

God’s wrath, I forgot about my ultimate security measure, crafted by Charles; its perfect for this situation.

“So you think you have won, don’t you?” I said with confidence, “God’s wrath activated”

God wrath is where the security system kills any target not recognized; in its system the Guns came out.

“Good bye, whoever you are, and I hope you know I’m killing your family, too, once I ascend to being god of this new world”

He smiled and mockingly he whispered “My family is already dead, and so are you.”

The guns fired and blood spilled.

“System, shut down god’s wrath” he said in a stern, confident voice.

“Impossible, “I thought as I bled more profusely, my whole midsection and below filled with bullets.

“So what’s your plan now god?” he said mockingly as he dropped me and began to pull out all my valuables from files to flash drives that had everything I needed to take over this world.

“You know, you’re not the only person who became conceited and called himself god thinking he could change this world for good, but you sure as hell had the fastest plan to get there.  Not the smartest though”

“What is that supposed to mean!”

“It means exactly what it means; the world is going to hell and is up for grabs for whoever can claim it.”

“And what are you supposed to be, an executioner or something judging the wrong of this world?”

“No, I’m making sure this world goes straight to hell, and that no one interferes with it.”

“Who are you and why would anyone in their right mind want that!?” I yelled with my last bit of strength.

“A person who” the world has wronged countless times, and who can see all the evil of this world”, he said in a sinister voice “Good bye, Michael”

He climbed out the vent

“You came though the vent, how?” I thought as I slowly began to fade.

“This world, my plan, all is going to hell, why? Why does it have to be this way? I was supposed to lead this world to a glorious revolution under my rule.” I whispered to myself. “It’s all just a dream; once I fade to black, I will wake up in the penthouse with my beautiful mistress by my side; yes it’s all just a dream, a very bad nightmare.”

And I faded into a black darkness.


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