As promised here is part 2 to the sorrow series Pero’s Sorrow

Pero’s Sorrow

The guy in the suits that entered my former boss’s house intrigued me. Why would anyone that has to have bodyguards want to enter into a man’s house that wanted by all those people? My position will probably be blown if this turns out to be a false lead, but to me it’s something exiting for once in the past 3 days.

I slowly left my perch and slid into a hidden hole in the wall. A hole that only Abby and I knew about, hidden to the naked eye and the perfect way to avoid his body guards. I doubt I could have gotten in as these body guards looked a lot better than the lot that came in earlier.

I went in though the basement window; it was still dark and eerie as ever. It used to be lively when Lilia, Pero’s wife was alive. She used to always be down there in all her beauty, sewing away or doing different things. I asked her once why she was always in the basement as it was odd that anyone would love to stay in the basement. She responded that with its damp, cool and wetness and to a girl that lived all her life in the sun. “To me the coolness of the basement represents peace, if your hot, then there is a heat, thing always happen whether love, hate or something in-between. I have had enough heat in my life and I am ready just for the coolness of life.”  9 weeks later she was dead yet those words still ring in my head as the heat of the fire of hate burns my soul.

I crept up the stairs, yet no body guards were in the house, which to me was strange yet common when important information is being said. I snuck up the stairs and stood outside the door of Pero’s room and began to listen.

            “So everything is good between us? The debt has been paid off after all”

            “No, everything is not good,” the man in the suit said, he was Caucasian with a little bit of a Hispanic accent; he may have picked it up from where he lived.

            “Why? I did everything you asked, I got the money you needed, through the insurance money, all the debt has been paid off”

            “There still is a loose end, Pero! That body guard you had, Nero.”

            “He is not a loose end, he is loyal to me”

            “Then why are you looking for another one!”

            “He just needed some time off.”

            “Bull Shit!” The man in the suit said flipping over the table in his own little rage, and now I could see just how bulky this man was in statue; in a way it was intimidating. I knew it would be one hell of a fist fight with him, hell, even a gun fight; I would have to finish him quickly in one shot.

            “Rei, Calm down, he won’t do anything”

            “It’s you or him, Pero! I don’t want any loose ends.”

            “But I c..” The man in the suit swung his fist at the wall in rage leaving a gaping hole

            “Call him, do whatever you can to get him to meet you and we will take care of the rest”

            Pero, still shaking, I see him reluctantly gets out his phone

            “That’s it, Pero; now dial the damn number!”

            He dials the number and at that moment I remembered my phone which I didn’t put on silent.

            Ring, ring, ring!


            I watched as the man in the suit turned around to face me at the door where the ringing was, and he laughed a bellowed laugh.

            “We have a guest apparently, and you didn’t even invite him for drinks Pero!”

            I could see him frozen in fear, as he realized I heard everything.

                        “Why don’t you invite him in?” Rei said.

                        My master still froze in shock and at that moment, I made my move as I busted though the door.

                        Barge in, aim, and fire the sequence I done so many times in so many assassination missions yet this time it didn’t work out as planned; as I fired and he moved with unnatural speed over to Pero and held him in front of me, as if signifying a trophy.

            “So you are the great Nero he kept telling me about over the years”

            “I am,” I said waiting for the 1st opening to shoot this man.

            “Well, looks like the bodyguard business wasn’t for you,” and at that moment Rei’s hand squeezed his neck and I heard the cracking of Pero’s neck bones.

            I fired, and fired again, hitting my former masters’ body as again Rie moved with supernatural speed out the window.

            I knelt by my former master, Pero, still somehow alive, but barely.

            “What did you do?” I screamed at him.

            And in the faintest voice I heard, “I’m sorry, I was a jealous man,” he rasped up some blood, and then he said his last words, “Do what you do best, Kill him for Abby, for Lilia, and for the man I use to be. Nero, I’m sor…,” his voice faded and I felt his relief but at the same time felt a dark aura around him.

            My mind was still processing what was going on, but I heard the steps of people coming up the stairs, and instincts kicked in. I walked toward the door gun at my side. The First guy head appeared at the top of stairs.


            His body hit the top and rolled down as I slowly walked out of Pero’s room.

            I spotted 2 more at the bottom of the stairs, and before they could turn up to see me I shot them both dead, head shots right between the eyes. My instincts and skill with the gun were back, and more deadly as ever as I walked toward the door, my 2nd gun now drawn, ready for whatever was waiting outside the door.

To be continued